HC_KEY Insert_Circle_By_Radius (const HC_POINT *center, double radius, const HC_POINT *normal)
 Generates a flat, infinitely thin, colored-in circular object. More...

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HC_KEY Insert_Circle_By_Radius ( const HC_POINT *  center,
double  radius,
const HC_POINT *  normal 

Generates a flat, infinitely thin, colored-in circular object.

center- An x-y-z triplet for the coordinates of center the circle. (A simple array of three elements may also be used in most languages.) Passed by reference always.
radius- Length of the radius of the circle.
normal- Vector that is perpendicular to the plane of the circle
The key to the inserted geometry, or -1 if an error occurred.


A closed, flat, colored-in circle is added to the current segment.

Circles are grouped with ellipses, polygons, shells and meshes for rendering purposes. The rendition of the interior of the circle can be adjusted with changes to Face Color and Face Pattern. The circumference of a circle can be made distinct from the interior through the use of Edge Color, Edge Pattern and Edge Weight. A circle's Visibility and Selectability are controlled by the "edge", "face", and "polygon" keywords.


  • If normal is null, it is assumed to be a 2D circle with normal==<0,0,1>


Circles would have no memory of how they were inserted, so if they are saved and restored, they convert to the default of looking as if they had been inserted by HC_Insert_Circle. Additionally, there will be no difference in what is reported by Begin_Contents_Search/Find_Contents, and no hsf changes.

See also
Insert_Circle, Insert_Ellipse, Insert_Circular_Arc, Insert_Circular_Chord, Insert_Circular_Wedge, Insert_Elliptical_Arc, Insert_Polygon, Set_Visibility, Set_Edge_Pattern, Set_Edge_Weight, Set_Face_Pattern, Set_Color, Renumber_Key.