HC_BOOLEAN Parse_String (const char *string, const char *delimiter, int offset, char *token)
 A utility routine for extracting delimited strings from longer strings. More...

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HC_BOOLEAN Parse_String ( const char *  string,
const char *  delimiter,
int  offset,
char *  token 

A utility routine for extracting delimited strings from longer strings.

string- The input string to parse.
delimiter- A single character that separates the tokens within string. Note that this parameter is passed as a string which happens to be one character long.
offset- The index of the token from the parsing results to store in the "token" output parameter. A positive count is the index from the left of string, 0 being the leftmost token. A negative count is the position from the right, -1 being the rightmost token.
token- The token taken from string in the position specified by offset. Leading and trailing blanks are trimmed. Returned to user. Passed by reference always.
Returns true if it can extract a token from the input string at the given offset; otherwise, it returns false.


Parse_String() takes a text string that is to be divided into tokens (regions) by delimiter. It extracts the token found in the region indicated by offset.
Parse_String() can be used to break up pathnames, object type lists (returned by Show routines) or any analogous list of items. To parse the return value of Show_Driver_Options() , for example, you might use Parse_String() with a comma (",") delimiter to find each item, then within each item you could use a "=" delimiter to separate the type from the value (if there is a value). Once you know the type and the value, you can use a language dependent routine such as "sscanf" in C to convert the string value to an integer or a float.
Other examples include

        Parse_String ("markers = red", "=", 1, token)

which sets token to "red" and returns true,

        Parse_String ("?picture/bolt/head/notch", "/", -1, token) 

which sets token to "notch" and also returns true, and

        Parse_String ("lines, no windows, no edges", ",", 4, token) 

which returns false.
An empty string counts as a token, for example:

        Parse_String ("", "/", 0, token)

sets token to "" and returns true, and

        Parse_String (",,hello", ",", 2, token) 

sets token to "hello" and returns true.
Parse_String() is intended to facilitate the parsing of HOOPS segment and attribute specifications. This means that a delimiter that occurs inside of parentheses or any type of quote (",', or `) is not counted as a delimiter. For example, each of the following strings consist of one token only:

  • (segment a/segment b/segment c)
  • "input/output"

even when the delimiter is set to "/". If you do want to pursue parsing once you've arrived at such a string, just nibble off the quotes or parentheses, then call Parse_String() again.



See also
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