void Queue_Special_Event (const char *type, const char *param)
 Allows your program to insert an arbitrary kind of event into the HOOPS event queue. More...

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void Queue_Special_Event ( const char *  type,
const char *  param 

Allows your program to insert an arbitrary kind of event into the HOOPS event queue.

type- The "type" of the special event. It's suggested that this consist of an indication of the source of the event (e.g., "MyProgram"), a colon, and an indication of what hap pened or is needed (e.g., "MyProgram: help!").
param- A string of additional information that goes with this type of special event. If there is none, just specify a blank or null string for this.


Occasionally, there is a piece of input information that needs to be communicated to your program but which does not fit into any of the regular kinds of events (mouse, keyboard, button, or wakeup). Queue_Special_Event() , Await_Event() , and Show_Special_Event() provide a mechanism for mixing an arbitrary kind of event into the incoming event queue.
Most HOOPS programs will not need to make use of Special Events. Most of those that do use them will be content to allow the HOOPS display drivers to generate and queue them, and will just look at the results. For those remaining few (ambitious) programs, Queue_Special_Event() lets them have a go at doing event queueing themselves.


This function should only be used in a standalone HOOPS application. Such applications will not be using the "use window ID" Driver_Option. For developers who are developing a "use window ID" application and they want to break out of an update they should look at the "exit update" Driver_Option.

Type and param can actually be any arbitrary string you please. The only requirement is that the event-processing loop in your program be able to figure out what's going on.
Type and param are both case-sensitive.


See also
Await_Event, Show_Special_Event, Set_Driver_Options, Requeue_Event, the Installation Guides.