void Report_Error (int category, int specific, int severity, int msgc, const char *const *msgv, int stack_c, const char *const *stack_v)
 Performs the default HOOPS error printing/displaying. More...

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void Report_Error ( int  category,
int  specific,
int  severity,
int  msgc,
const char *const *  msgv,
int  stack_c,
const char *const *  stack_v 

Performs the default HOOPS error printing/displaying.

category- A numeric code identifying the general category the error belongs to.
specific- A numeric code uniquely identifying the specific error.
severity- Severity of the error. (0, 1, 2, 3) (info, warning, error, fatal error).
msgc- Length of msgv.
msgv- The error messages, one line per string. Passed by reference in all languages.
stack_c- Length of stackv.
stack_v- A list of the HOOPS routines that were active at the time pointers of the error. Passed by reference in all languages.


Report_Error() attempts to display a standard HOOPS error message where the user can see it. The format of the message is system-dependent. Report_Error() is normally called by the system; it can also be called from a user error handler. Please see Define_Error_Handler() for a full discussion.



See also
Define_Error_Handler, Define_System_Options.