void Reset_System (void)
 Performs a complete master reset of the HOOPS system. More...

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void Reset_System ( void  )

Performs a complete master reset of the HOOPS system.


All open segments are closed, all segments are deleted, and all displays are terminated. In general, everything is restored to the state it was in when you began.
A Reset_System() would be appropriate if your program doesn't need to use the graphics for a while. If you're in "nonsegmented" mode, and just want to get rid of what's on the screen in preparation for drawing something new, try calling Clear_Display() instead.
A Reset_System() is always legal, even after a "fatal" error. Note: "Catching" such an error and unwinding the calling stack is system-dependent, and is outside the scope of this manual.


Utility routines that create their own permanent segments, and expect them to persist, might check that a Reset_System() at a higher level in the program hasn't accidentally corrupted them.


See also
Exit_Program, Abort_Program, Clear_Display, Flush_Contents, Delete_Segment, Define_Error_Handler.