void Set_PBR_Material (char const *base_color_map, char const *normal_map, char const *emissive_map, char const *metalness_map, int metalness_map_channel, char const *roughness_map, int roughness_map_channel, char const *occlusion_map, int occlusion_map_channel, RGBA const *base_color_factor, float normal_factor, float metalness_factor, float roughness_factor, float occlusion_factor, float alpha_factor, char const *options)

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◆ Set_PBR_Material()

void Set_PBR_Material ( char const *  base_color_map,
char const *  normal_map,
char const *  emissive_map,
char const *  metalness_map,
int  metalness_map_channel,
char const *  roughness_map,
int  roughness_map_channel,
char const *  occlusion_map,
int  occlusion_map_channel,
RGBA const *  base_color_factor,
float  normal_factor,
float  metalness_factor,
float  roughness_factor,
float  occlusion_factor,
float  alpha_factor,
char const *  options 
base_color_map- Base color map
normal_map- Normal map
emissive_map- Emissive map
metalness_map- Metalness map
metalness_map_channel- Metalness map channel
roughness_map- Roughness map
roughness_map_channel- Roughness map channel
occlusion_map- Occlusion map
occlusion_map_channel- Occlusion map channel
base_color_factor- Base color scale factor
normal_factor- Normal scale factor
metalness_factor- Metalness scale factor
roughness_factor- Roughness scale factor
occlusion_factor- Occlusion scale factor
alpha_factor- Alpha strength factor
options- A string of options. Currently, the only supported option is "[no] alpha mask"


Sets a physically-based rendering material on a segment according to the attributes specified. All factors default to 1.0 and base_color_factor, when not provided, defaults to (1,1,1,1) - opaque white.

See also
Show_PBR_Material, PShow_Net_PBR_Material