void Set_Variable_Marker_Size (const char *size)
 Defines marker sizes that scale in a similar manner to other geometric primitives. More...

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void Set_Variable_Marker_Size ( const char *  size)

Defines marker sizes that scale in a similar manner to other geometric primitives.

size- Scale factor to be applied to the marker size


The standard marker sizing function Set_Marker_Size() causes markers to be drawn in a fixed (screen space) size, and they will not scale as the view scales, or as the object to which thery are attached scales. Set_Variable_Marker_Size() allows markers to scale as the object is scaled or as the camera changes.
The 'size' option string is specified using the text sizing metrics which allows sizes to be specified as 'oru', 'sru', 'wru', 'points', 'pixels', or 'wsu'. Refer to the 'size' sub-options of Set_Text_Font() for more detailed information. 'wsu' is the only size unit that responds to perspective foreshortening. In orthographic mode, it behaves exactly the same as 'oru'. In perspective mode, however, markers get a size adjustment inversely proportional to their distance from the camera.


HOOPS has the ability to render some markers symbols with hardware acceleration. You can determine how your markers are rendered the Set_Driver_Options marker drawing suboption to either fastest or nicest where fastest means HOOPS will attempt to use hardware acceleartion.
Below is a table describing when the conditions in which a variable size marker will be rendered with hardware accelerated:


  • Hardware Accelerated Rendering
  • Software Rendering
Symbol Fastest Nicest

The opengl hardware is able to use graphics hardware acceleration if and only if the marker symbol is set to a filled-in circle ("(*)" or "@"), a filled-in box ("[*]"), or a dot (".").


See also
Set_Marker_Size, Set_Text_Font