void Show_Segment (HC_KEY key, char *pathname)
 Returns the segment name corresponding to the given key. More...

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void Show_Segment ( HC_KEY  key,
char *  pathname 

Returns the segment name corresponding to the given key.

key- Unique numeric identifier corresponding to an existing segment.
pathname- Full pathname of the segment corresponding to key. Returned to user. Passed by reference always.


Use this routine to determine the name of the segment corresponding to the specified key. This procedure might be used to translate a list of segment keys into a table of segment names. The keys usually come from a "contents" search.


All aliases are fully expanded and removed.
Key must refer to a valid segment and not to some other object (such as an inclusion or type of geometry). If you need to, use Show_Key_Type() to verify that the key refers to a valid segment.
This routine takes a key and returns the fully qualified pathname. Show_Pathname_Expansion(), for comparison, takes a partially qualified name (rather than a key) and returns a fully qualified name.
The converse of this function (getting a key from a pathname) can be achieved with Create_Segment() if it can be assumed that the pathname is valid. To test such an assumption, use QShow_Existence(pathname, "self").


See also
Begin_Segment_Search, Begin_Contents_Search, Create_Segment, Show_Alias, Show_Existence, Open_Segment, Show_Pathname_Expansion, Show_Owner.