void Show_System_Info (const char *type, char *value)
 Provides information on the capabilities of the HOOPS library in use. More...

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void Show_System_Info ( const char *  type,
char *  value 

Provides information on the capabilities of the HOOPS library in use.

type- The name of the information that you want to inquire about.
value- A string variable that will receive the current value of type. Passed by reference in all languages. Returned to user.


Show_System_Info() returns information about the HOOPS library currently in use. This function can be used to determine version information as well as the presence of optional HOOPS packages. This list of valid inquiries includes the following:
hoops version
The version of HOOPS, e.g., 3.30. The subversion, e.g., -15 in 3.30-15, is not returned by this function.
The version of the I.M. extensions to HOOPS, e.g., 1.0. The I.M. version is not the same as the HOOPS version. Furthermore, making a "hoops version" request against a HOOPS I.M. library is still desirable. In the event that I.M. is not present in HOOPS, the string "not available" is returned.
kanji present
Returns a "yes" or "no" indicating the HOOPS library contains, or does not contain, the optional Kanji character set.
i.m. present
The function like "kanji present" but return a "yes" or "no" instead of the version number associated with the optional package.
This function is particularly useful for gathering testing information.



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