HGraph.h File Reference
#include "HUtility.h"
#include "HTools.h"
#include "varray.h"

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class  HBaseGraph
class  HGraphAxis
class  HGraphDataSetNode
class  HGraphLabelNode
class  HGraphLegend
class  HGraphPieSlice
class  HPieChart
 Provides simple pie chart creation tools. More...
class  HPlot2D
 Provides plotting capabilities for most 2d graphs including bar charts, line graphs, scatter plots, or any combination of these. More...


#define _PI   3.14159265358979323


enum  HGraphAxisScale { AxisScaleLinear =1, AxisScaleLogarithmic }
enum  HGraphAxisSelection { X_Axis =1, Y_Axis, Z_Axis }
enum  HGraphGridType { GridTypeNone =1, GridTypeRectangular, GridTypePolar }
enum  HGraphLegendEntryType { LegendEntryTypeLine =1, LegendEntryTypeBox }
enum  HGraphPlotType { PlotTypeScatter =1, PlotTypeLine, PlotTypeBar }
enum  HGraphPointFormat { PointFormatCartesian =1, PointFormatPolarDegrees, PointFormatPolarRadians }

Detailed Description

Defines datatypes associated with the HBaseGraph, HPlot2D, and HPieChart class.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ HGraphAxisScale

◆ HGraphAxisSelection

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◆ HGraphLegendEntryType

◆ HGraphPlotType

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