#include <HDebugZBuffer.h>

Public Member Functions

 HDebugZBuffer (HBaseView *view)
void OpenglFinishPicture (HIC_Rendition const *nr, bool swap_buffers)
void Update ()
virtual ~HDebugZBuffer ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void ogl_finish_picture (HIC_Rendition const *nr, bool swap_buffers)
static void RegisterCallbacks ()

Protected Attributes

float * m_FloatBuffer
 scratch space for z values in range [0..1]
unsigned char * m_GreyBuffer
 scratch space for output image
HC_KEY m_GreyImageKey
 key to the Image_By_Ref that represents the visualization
int m_height
 width and height of the view (and thus the amount of scratch space required)
HC_KEY m_StandaloneKey
 key to the driver relevant to the standalone window
char * m_StandaloneSegmentName
 path to the standalone window
HC_KEY m_ViewKey
int m_width

Detailed Description

HDebugZBuffer is a intended for debugging purposes only. When activated, it pops up a standalone HOOPS window in which it displays the contents of the view's z buffer. It is pretty rough, but does the job. The z values are scanned for min and max, with background z values excluded. The values are then mapped to a linear grey scale ramp with black at the closest value and white at the furthest. The image is also upside down.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HDebugZBuffer()

HDebugZBuffer::HDebugZBuffer ( HBaseView view)

Construct an HDebugZBuffer object.

viewA pointer the the HBaseView object you want to associate with the object.

◆ ~HDebugZBuffer()

virtual HDebugZBuffer::~HDebugZBuffer ( )

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ogl_finish_picture()

static void HDebugZBuffer::ogl_finish_picture ( HIC_Rendition const *  nr,
bool  swap_buffers 

A callback for finish picture to capture the z buffer. It simply calls through to OpenglFinishPicture/

◆ OpenglFinishPicture()

void HDebugZBuffer::OpenglFinishPicture ( HIC_Rendition const *  nr,
bool  swap_buffers 

This method captures the z buffer and converts it to a grey scale image.

◆ RegisterCallbacks()

static void HDebugZBuffer::RegisterCallbacks ( )

A standard routine to associate callback names with their function pointers though setting the callbacks comes later.

◆ Update()

void HDebugZBuffer::Update ( )

This method forces a full update in the standalone window.

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