The HErrorNode class encapsulates error message information. More...

#include <HErrorManager.h>

Public Member Functions

 HErrorNode (int category, int specific, int severity, int msgc, char const **msgv, int stackc, char const **stackv, double time)
void Report ()

Public Attributes

int m_category
 The category that this error falls under as described in #HC_Define_Error_Handler.
char const ** m_message
 The list messages associated with the error.
int m_messagelength
 The number of messages associated with this error.
int m_severity
 The level of seriousness of this error.
int m_specific
 The specific error under the category as described in #HC_Define_Error_Handler.
char const ** m_stack
 The list of functions that generated the error.
int m_stacklength
 The length of the call stack.
double m_time
 The time that the error was generated in seconds.

Detailed Description

The HErrorNode class encapsulates error message information.

The HErrorNode class represents a specific error message and its properties.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HErrorNode()

HErrorNode::HErrorNode ( int  category,
int  specific,
int  severity,
int  msgc,
char const **  msgv,
int  stackc,
char const **  stackv,
double  time 

Constructs an HErrorNode object.

specificAn integer that identifies the specific error under the category already defined as described in #HC_Define_Error_Handler. For example, running out of memory, HES_OUT_OF_MEMORY, is a specific memory error in the
HEC_MEMORY category.
msgcThe length of the msgv array.
msgvAn array of pointers to a list of messages.
stackcThe length of stackv.
stackvAn array of strings that indicates the list of methods that were called. The last being the currently active HOOPS routine and the first being the originating function.
timeThe time associated with when the error was generated.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Report()

void HErrorNode::Report ( )

This method calls #HC_Report_Error which display the error messages associated with this error node.

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