#include <HConstantFrameRate.h>

Public Member Functions

ConstFRType GetType ()
bool GetUseLod () const
 HFrExtent ()
 HFrExtent (int min, int max)
void Set (HConstantFrameRate *pCfr, int SimpLevel)
void SetMultiplier (int mp)
void SetUseLod (bool ul)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HConstFRSimpType
int GetMaxSimpLevel ()
int GetMinSimpLevel ()
 HConstFRSimpType ()
 HConstFRSimpType (int min, int max)
virtual void Reset (HConstantFrameRate *pCfr)
virtual void Update (HConstantFrameRate *pCfr, int SimpLevel)

Static Public Member Functions

static HConstFRSimpTypeCreate (int min, int max)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from HConstFRSimpType
static HConstFRSimpType ** CreateList (int size)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bUseLOD
int m_Multiplier

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from HConstFRSimpType
int m_SimpLevelMax
int m_SimpLevelMin

Detailed Description

HFrExtent is a simplification type that tweaks the maximum extent suboption in Set_Heuristics. The maximum extent value is calculated based on the current simplification level and a multiplier.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HFrExtent() [1/2]

HFrExtent::HFrExtent ( )

The default constructor.

◆ HFrExtent() [2/2]

HFrExtent::HFrExtent ( int  min,
int  max 

The constructor that allows you the set the minimum and maximum simplification levels.

minThe minimum simplification level.
maxThe maximum simplification level.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create()

static HConstFRSimpType* HFrExtent::Create ( int  min,
int  max 

Create a new simplification type object. Avoids object ownership problems.

minlowest simplification level
maxhighest simplification level

◆ GetType()

ConstFRType HFrExtent::GetType ( )
The simplification type associated with this class.

Implements HConstFRSimpType.

References ConstFRExtentType.

◆ Set()

void HFrExtent::Set ( HConstantFrameRate pCfr,
int  SimpLevel 

Set rendering options based on simplification type.

pCfrA pointer to a HConstantFrameRate Object.
SimpLevelSimplification level for the current type

Implements HConstFRSimpType.

◆ SetMultiplier()

void HFrExtent::SetMultiplier ( int  mp)

This method sets the multiplier. The multiplier is use to set the maximum extent for the culling option of ::Set_Heuristics. When the Set method is called, the maximum extent option will be set with a value calculated from the simplication level and the multiplier.

mpThe multiplier used in the calculation to set the maximum extent.

◆ SetUseLod()

void HFrExtent::SetUseLod ( bool  ul)

This methods enables/disables the use of LOD options for rendering.

ulPass true if you want to set the LOD options to be set to %15 and 0% for threshold and the fallback to be set to coarsest. Pass false if you don't want to use set any LOD options.

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