This class has been deprecated. More...

#include <HUtilityShadow.h>

Public Member Functions

void Create (ShadowPlaneType ptype)
virtual void Create ()
 HHardShadow (HC_KEY ModelSegmentKey, HC_KEY ShadowBaseSegmentKey)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HShadow
void CalculateTotalModelExtents ()
void GetModelExtents (HPoint &ObjectBoundingMin, HPoint &ObjectBoundingMax)
int GetShadowBrightness ()
void GetShadowGroundPlane (HPlane &plane)
HC_KEY GetShadowKey ()
void GetShadowLightPos (HPoint &lightpos)
 HShadow (HC_KEY ModelSegmentKey, HC_KEY ShadowBaseSegmentKey, float ObjectModellingMatrix[]=0)
void SetShadowBrightness (int ShadowBrightness)
void SetShadowGroundPlane (HPlane plane)
void SetShadowLightPos (HPoint lightpos)

Protected Member Functions

void CreateHardShadow ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from HShadow
void ComputeObjectExtents (HPoint &min, HPoint &max, HPoint points[], int numpoints)
bool HasShell (HC_KEY segKey)
HC_KEY IsolateShell ()
void RestoreShell ()
void RotateToGroundPlane (HPlane plane, float matrix[])
void ShadowMatrix2 (float matrix[], HPlane plane, HPoint d)
void ShowModellingMatrix (HC_KEY segkey, float oldmatrix[], float newmatrix[])

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from HShadow
bool m_bFirstCoordinate
HC_KEY m_ModelSegmentKey
HPoint m_ObjectBoundingMax
HPoint m_ObjectBoundingMin
float m_ObjectModellingMatrix [16]
int m_ShadowBrightness
HPlane m_ShadowGroundPlane
HPoint m_ShadowLightPos
HC_KEY m_ShadowSegmentKey

Detailed Description

This class has been deprecated.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HHardShadow()

HHardShadow::HHardShadow ( HC_KEY  ModelSegmentKey,
HC_KEY  ShadowBaseSegmentKey 

custom constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create() [1/2]

void HHardShadow::Create ( ShadowPlaneType  ptype)

Creates a hard shadow at the given plane

ptypecan be XZ_PLANE XY_PLANE or YZ_PLANE.

◆ Create() [2/2]

virtual void HHardShadow::Create ( )

Creates a hard shadow with the current parameters

◆ CreateHardShadow()

void HHardShadow::CreateHardShadow ( )

Setup for shadow texture creation

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