#include <MrDwgConnector.h>

Public Member Functions

void AddConnection (HC_KEY key, void *pKernelEntity, HC_KEY modelKey=INVALID_KEY)
bool GetHoopsEntities (void *pKernelEntity, vlist_s *ret_HoopsKeysList, HC_KEY modelKey=INVALID_KEY)
HC_KEY GetHoopsEntity (void *pKernelEntity, HC_KEY modelKey=INVALID_KEY)
bool GetKernelEntities (HC_KEY key, vlist_s *ret_KernelEntitiesList, HC_KEY modelKey=INVALID_KEY)
void * GetKernelEntity (HC_KEY key, HC_KEY modelKey=INVALID_KEY)
 HIOConnectorDWG ()
void SetDatabase (AcDbDatabase *pAcDbDatabase)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HIOConnector
virtual void AddConnection (HC_KEY key, void *pKernelEntity)
virtual bool GetHoopsEntities (void *pKernelEntity, vlist_s *ret_HoopsKeysList)
virtual HC_KEY GetHoopsEntity (void *pKernelEntity)
virtual bool GetKernelEntities (HC_KEY key, vlist_s *ret_KernelEntitiesList)
virtual void * GetKernelEntity (HC_KEY key)
virtual void OptimizeTree (const char *segname, const char *option_string)

Protected Attributes

AcDbDatabase * m_pAcDbDatabase
 Autocad Database pointer associated with the DWG file.
- Protected Attributes inherited from HIOConnector
struct vhash_s * mhash_Hoops2Kernel
 A hash map between HOOPS Keys and kernel entities.
struct vhash_s * mhash_Kernel2Hoops
 A hash map between kernel entities and HOOPS Keys.

Detailed Description

This class establishes a connection between the DWG entity and the Hoops entity.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HIOConnectorDWG()

HIOConnectorDWG::HIOConnectorDWG ( )

Constructs an HIOConnectorDWG object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetDatabase()

void HIOConnectorDWG::SetDatabase ( AcDbDatabase *  pAcDbDatabase)

This method associates this connector with a given AcDbDatabase.

pAcDbDatabaseA pointer to the AcDbDatabase object you want this connector to be associated with.

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