HIOUtilityWhip2D Class Reference

#include <HIOUtilityDwfExport.h>

Public Member Functions

HFileOutputResult FileOutputByKey (const __wchar_t *filename, HC_KEY key, HOutputHandlerOptions *options)
HFileOutputResult FileOutputByKey (const unsigned short *filename, HC_KEY key, HOutputHandlerOptions *options)
const char * GetOutputDefaultHSRA ()
const char * GetOutputName ()
HOutputHandlerStyle GetOutputStyle ()
const char * GetOutputTypesString ()
void RegisterOutputHandlerTypes ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HOutputHandler
virtual HFileOutputResult FileOutputByKey (const char *filename, HC_KEY key, HOutputHandlerOptions *options)
virtual HFileOutputResult FileOutputFromImageKey (const char *filename, HC_KEY image_key, HOutputHandlerOptions *options)
virtual HFileOutputResult FileOutputFromImageKey (const __wchar_t *filename, HC_KEY image_key, HOutputHandlerOptions *options)
const __wchar_t * GetOutputInformation ()
unsigned long GetOutputOps ()
float GetOutputPercentProgress ()
const char * GetOutputProgress ()
 HOutputHandler ()
void ReportOutputInformation (const char *information)
 This posts information to the information queue.
void ReportOutputPercentProgress (float percent_progress)
 This posts the current percent progress message should be between 0.0 and 1.0.
void ReportOutputProgress (const char *progress)
 This posts the current progress message.
void SetModuleDirectory (const char *module_directory)
void SetModuleDirectory (const __wchar_t *module_directory)
HIONoticeCallbackSetOutputInformationNoticeCallback (HIONoticeCallback *notice_callback)
HIOPercentNoticeCallbackSetOutputPercentProgressNoticeCallback (HIOPercentNoticeCallback *percent_notice_callback)
HIONoticeCallbackSetOutputProgressNoticeCallback (HIONoticeCallback *notice_callback)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from HOutputHandler
void SetFinishedOutput ()
void SetOutputOps (unsigned long ops)
 This sets the HOutputOp.
void SetStartingOutput ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from HOutputHandler
char * m_module_directory
unsigned long m_OutputOps
 This is the HOutputOp set for a subclassed instance.

Detailed Description

The HIOUtilityWhip2D is the class for writing DWF Whip 2D files using the HOOPS Whip 2D driver.

Member Function Documentation

◆ FileOutputByKey() [1/2]

HFileOutputResult HIOUtilityWhip2D::FileOutputByKey ( const __wchar_t *  filename,
HC_KEY  key,
HOutputHandlerOptions options 

This method writes a 2D DWF (Whip) file out of the segment tree underneath key

FileNameA character pointer denoting the name of the file to be written
keyA hoops key of the segment - the tree underneath which is required to be exported
optionsExport options
OutputOK if the export succeeds

Reimplemented from HOutputHandler.

◆ FileOutputByKey() [2/2]

HFileOutputResult HIOUtilityWhip2D::FileOutputByKey ( const unsigned short *  filename,
HC_KEY  key,
HOutputHandlerOptions options 

This method writes model data from a given HOOPS key to a given output file. Note that this must be implemented in a subclassed HOutputHandler instance handling models.

filenameThe wide character name of the file to output.
keyThe HOOPS segment key to get output model data from.
optionsThe options class containing any needed extra information for the operation.
The #HFileOutputResult result of the output operation.

Reimplemented from HOutputHandler.

◆ GetOutputDefaultHSRA()

const char* HIOUtilityWhip2D::GetOutputDefaultHSRA ( )
A default HSRA for HOutputHandler instance if needed.

For example: the following line of code might be used for an output handler needing painters:

{return "painters";};

Reimplemented from HOutputHandler.

◆ GetOutputName()

const char* HIOUtilityWhip2D::GetOutputName ( )
A character pointer denoting the name of the handler.

Implements HOutputHandler.

◆ GetOutputStyle()

HOutputHandlerStyle HIOUtilityWhip2D::GetOutputStyle ( )
The HOutputHandlerStyle that this instance will use. It can be HOutputHandlerStyleModel for geometry data, HOutputHandlerStyleImage for images, HOutputHandlerStyleHardcopy for hardcopy or HOutputHandlerStyleHTML for MVO style html page.

For example: the following code can be used for an HOutputHandler that outputs model:

{return HOutputHandlerStyleModel;}

Implements HOutputHandler.

References HOutputHandlerStyleHardcopy.

◆ GetOutputTypesString()

const char* HIOUtilityWhip2D::GetOutputTypesString ( )

This must be implemented in a subclassed HOutputHandler

The extension type or types that can be handled by this HOutputHandler.

For example: the following line of code can be use to specify the stl extension:

{return "stl";};

The following line of code can be used to specify that jpg, bmp and gif extension are handled:

{return "jpg;bmp;gif";};

Implements HOutputHandler.

◆ RegisterOutputHandlerTypes()

void HIOUtilityWhip2D::RegisterOutputHandlerTypes ( )

This abstract function must register extension types to be handled by subclassed HOutputHandler instance.

For example, the following lines of code can be used to specify a class that will handle files with "tiff" and "tif" extensions:


Implements HOutputHandler.

References HIORegisterOutputType.

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