HKeyframe3String Class Reference

The HKeyframeString class is used for any string related keyframes. More...

#include <HBhvUtility.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual HKeyframeClone ()
char * GetTarget1 ()
char * GetTarget2 ()
char * GetTarget3 ()
 HKeyframe3String ()
virtual void Serialize (HUtilityXMLTag *xmlgen)
void SetTarget (const char *t1, const char *t2, const char *t3)
- Public Member Functions inherited from HKeyframe
 HKeyframe ()
virtual void SetConstant (bool constant)
virtual void SetEaseInOut (bool easeinout)
virtual void SetRelative (bool relative)

Public Attributes

char m_t1 [255]
char m_t2 [255]
char m_t3 [255]
- Public Attributes inherited from HKeyframe
bool m_bConstant
bool m_bEaseInOut
bool m_bRelative
HANIKeyframeType m_type

Detailed Description

The HKeyframeString class is used for any string related keyframes.

String keyframes can contain a segment path in the case of segment switch interpolation or some other text based identifier.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HKeyframe3String()

HKeyframe3String::HKeyframe3String ( )

Constructs a HKeyframeString object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

virtual HKeyframe* HKeyframe3String::Clone ( )

This method makes an exact copy of the current HKeyframeString and returns a pointer to the newly created HKeyframeString object.

A pointer to the newly created HKeyframeString object.

Reimplemented from HKeyframe.

◆ GetTarget1()

char* HKeyframe3String::GetTarget1 ( )
The target string.

◆ Serialize()

virtual void HKeyframe3String::Serialize ( HUtilityXMLTag *  xmlgen)

Writes XML data to a buffer.

Reimplemented from HKeyframe.

◆ SetTarget()

void HKeyframe3String::SetTarget ( const char *  t1,
const char *  t2,
const char *  t3 

Sets a new target string.

targetThe new target for the interpolation.

Referenced by HBhvInterpolatorInstanceCreate::Insert(), and HBhvInterpolatorInstanceCreate::Replace().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_t1

char HKeyframe3String::m_t1[255]

Keyframe Target

◆ m_t2

char HKeyframe3String::m_t2[255]

Keyframe Target

◆ m_t3

char HKeyframe3String::m_t3[255]

Keyframe Target

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