Public Member Functions

int AddToFacelist (int *start)
int AddToFacelistRecursive (int *start, int l)
bool CheckHit (HPoint &p, HPoint &normal, HPoint *plist, HPoint &pres)
bool CheckIfColinear (HPoint *point)
void Divide (int pnum, HPoint *points)
HMergeShellFaceFindHitFace (HPoint &p, HPoint &normal, HPoint *plist, HPoint &respoint)
HMergeShellFaceFindHitFaceRecursive (HPoint &p, HPoint &normal, HPoint *plist, HPoint &respoint)
int GetLength ()
int GetLengthRecursive (int l)
void Init (int *flist)
void MakeChildFaces (int &addpoint, HPoint *points, bool AddExtraPoints, int *newpoints, int *newpointslen)

Protected Attributes

int m_ChildFaceNum
int m_flen
int * m_pFlist

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