HNurbsMessageHandler Class Reference

#include <HNetMessageRegistrar.h>

Public Member Functions

 HNurbsMessageHandler (HBaseView *hbaseview)
void ProcessMessage (const char *message_type, const char *data, unsigned int data_length)
- Public Member Functions inherited from MVOMessageHandler
 MVOMessageHandler (HBaseView *hbaseview)
void ProcessMessage (const char *message_type, const char *data, unsigned int data_length)

Additional Inherited Members

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 A pointer to an HBaseView object.

Detailed Description

HNurbsMessageHandler is subclassed from MVOMessageHandler. It handles messages from "H_INSERT_NURBS", "H_FINISH_NURBS_EDITING" and "H_MODIFY_CONTROL_POINT".

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HNurbsMessageHandler()

HNurbsMessageHandler::HNurbsMessageHandler ( HBaseView hbaseview)

Constructs an HNurbsMessageHandler object.

hbaseviewA pointer to the HBaseView object associated with this message handler.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ProcessMessage()

void HNurbsMessageHandler::ProcessMessage ( const char *  message_type,
const char *  data,
unsigned int  data_length 

This method receives the messages "H_INSERT_NURBS", "H_FINISH_NURBS_EDITING" and "H_MODIFY_CONTROL_POINT" and calls HOpCreateNurbs3D::InsertNurbsFromMessage, HOpCreateNurbs3D::FinishNurbsEditingFromMessage and HOpCreateNurbs3D::ModifyControlPointFromMessage respectively.

message_typeA character pointer denoting the type of message.
dataA character pointer denoting the message data.
data_lengthAn unsigned int indicating the length of the data in bytes.

References HOpCreateNurbs3D::FinishNurbsEditingFromMessage(), HOpCreateNurbs3D::InsertNurbsFromMessage(), MVOMessageHandler::m_pHBaseView, and HOpCreateNurbs3D::ModifyControlPointFromMessage().

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