HPlane Class Reference

The HPlane class is the data type of a plane. More...

#include <HGlobals.h>

Public Member Functions

float a () const
void a (float A)
float b () const
void b (float B)
float c () const
void c (float C)
void CalculateNormal (HPoint &normal) const
double ClassifyPoint (HPoint const &p) const
float d () const
void d (float D)
bool Equal (HPlane const *p, float epsi1=HPOINT_EPSILON, float epsi2=HPOINT_EPSILON) const
 HPlane (float const A=0, float const B=1, float const C=0, float const D=0)
 HPlane (HVector const &normal, float const D)
 HPlane (HPlane const &p)
void Set (float A, float B, float C, float D)

Detailed Description

The HPlane class is the data type of a plane.

The HPlane class encapsulates the a, b, c and d parameters of the plane equation.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CalculateNormal()

void HPlane::CalculateNormal ( HPoint normal) const

This method returns a perpendicular plane vector.

normalPass by reference. The method returns the value for a normalized vector that is perpendicular to the plane.

References HC_Compute_Normalized_Vector(), and HPoint::Set().

◆ ClassifyPoint()

double HPlane::ClassifyPoint ( HPoint const &  p) const

This method determines if given point is infront of or behind the plane.

A positive value if the point is in front of the plane or a negative value if the point is behind the plane. If the value is 0, the point is on the plane.

References HPoint::x, HPoint::y, and HPoint::z.

◆ Equal()

bool HPlane::Equal ( HPlane const *  p,
float  epsi1 = HPOINT_EPSILON,
float  epsi2 = HPOINT_EPSILON 
) const

This method checks if the xyz components of the point are equal.

◆ Set()

void HPlane::Set ( float  A,
float  B,
float  C,
float  D 

This method sets an HPlane object with parameter values.

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