HShellFace Class Reference

The HShellFace class is a simple wrapper for a shell's face. More...

#include <HUtility.h>

Public Member Functions

void CloseEdge () const
HShellEdge const GetEdge (int const iEdgeIndex) const
int GetEdgeCount () const
int GetPointCount () const
 HShellFace (HShellObject const *pShell, int const iFaceIndex)
void OpenEdge (int const iEdgeIndex) const

Detailed Description

The HShellFace class is a simple wrapper for a shell's face.

HShellFace allows you to easily get information about a face in a shell.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HShellFace()

HShellFace::HShellFace ( HShellObject const *  pShell,
int const  iFaceIndex 

Construcs an HShellFace object.

pShellA pointer the HShellObject associated with this face.
iFaceIndexThe index to the face list that describes this face.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CloseEdge()

void HShellFace::CloseEdge ( ) const

This method closes the open edge and end the editing process. Call this method after OpenEdge when you are finished modifying edge attributes.

◆ GetEdge()

HShellEdge const HShellFace::GetEdge ( int const  iEdgeIndex) const

This method return the information about a given edge in the face.

iEdgeIndexThe index that describes a given edge.
The HShellEdge that wrap information about the edge associated with the given index.

◆ GetEdgeCount()

int HShellFace::GetEdgeCount ( ) const
The number of edges that the face has.

◆ GetPointCount()

int HShellFace::GetPointCount ( ) const
The number of vertices in the face.

◆ OpenEdge()

void HShellFace::OpenEdge ( int const  iEdgeIndex) const

This method opens an edge in the HOOPS database given an index so that its attributes can be modified.

iEdgeIndexThe index that identifies the edge.

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