HShellObject Class Reference

The HShellObject class is a simple wrapper for a shell. More...

#include <HUtility.h>

Public Member Functions

int GetFaceCount () const
int GetFaceFlistIndex (int index) const
int const * GetFlist () const
void GetFlist (int flist[]) const
int GetFlistLen () const
HC_KEY GetKey () const
HShellRegion const GetRegion (int const index) const
 HShellObject (HC_KEY kShellKey)
 HShellObject (HShellObject const &oShellObj)

Detailed Description

The HShellObject class is a simple wrapper for a shell.

HShellObject allows you to easily get about a shell's properties like faces and regions.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HShellObject()

HShellObject::HShellObject ( HC_KEY  kShellKey)

Constructs an HShellObject from a given key.

kshellKeyPass the key you want to get shell information from.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetFaceCount()

int HShellObject::GetFaceCount ( ) const
The number of faces in the shell.

◆ GetFaceFlistIndex()

int HShellObject::GetFaceFlistIndex ( int  index) const

This method return the index into the face list given a face number.

indexThe face number you wish to get information about.
The index into the face list for the given face number.

◆ GetFlist() [1/2]

int const* HShellObject::GetFlist ( ) const
A pointer to the face list.

◆ GetFlist() [2/2]

void HShellObject::GetFlist ( int  flist[]) const
Anarray of ints (returned to the user) representing the face list. Note that the caller must ensure that the array is of the appropriate size, e.g, via the GetFlistLen function

◆ GetFlistLen()

int HShellObject::GetFlistLen ( ) const
The length of the face list.

◆ GetKey()

HC_KEY HShellObject::GetKey ( ) const
The key associated with this HShellObject.

◆ GetRegion()

HShellRegion const HShellObject::GetRegion ( int const  index) const

This method returns an HShellRegion given an index.

indexPass the index number of the region you want to examine.
An HShellRegion associated with the passed index.

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