Public Types

enum  Subop_Flags {
  OMF_Environment = 0x0001, OMF_Instancee = 0x0002, OMF_Tweaks = 0x0004, OMF_Embedded = 0x0008,
  OMF_Height_Field = 0x0010
enum  Tweak_Type { OMT_Float1 = 0x1, OMT_Float2 = 0x2, OMT_Float3 = 0x3, OMT_Float4 = 0x4 }

Public Member Functions

TK_Status Execute (BStreamFileToolkit &tk)
 HTK_One_Material (HMaterialLibrary *hmat)
TK_Status Interpret (BStreamFileToolkit &tk, HMaterialLibrary *hmat, const char *name)
TK_Status Read (BStreamFileToolkit &tk)
void Reset ()
TK_Status Write (BStreamFileToolkit &tk)

Protected Member Functions

void Init ()

Protected Attributes

int m_EmbeddedLength
unsigned char m_EmbeddingBuffer [ONEMATBUFSIZE]
int m_EmbeddingBufferUsed
float m_HeightFieldScale
char * m_Instancee
int m_InstanceeLength
void * m_MaterialDescriptor
char * m_Name
int m_NameLength
unsigned int m_subop
int m_substage
int m_substage2
void * m_subtk
int m_TweakCount
int * m_TweakNameLengths
char ** m_TweakNames
float ** m_Tweaks
char * m_TweakTypes

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Subop_Flags

indicates what data the currently encoded format contains

◆ Tweak_Type

tweaks only come in sets of 1 to 4 floating point values for now, but that may change in the future

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