Public Member Functions

 HW2DBoundReader (DWFInputStream &rW2DStream)
WT_Result process_stream_close ()
WT_Result process_stream_end_seek ()
WT_Result process_stream_open ()
WT_Result process_stream_read (int desired_bytes, int &bytes_read, void *buffer)
WT_Result process_stream_seek (int distance, int &amount_seeked)
WT_Result process_stream_tell (unsigned long *current_file_pointer_position)
WT_Result process_stream_write (int, void const *)
WT_Result read ()

Static Public Member Functions

static WT_Result _processEllipse (WT_Outline_Ellipse &wt_oellipse, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processImage (WT_Image &image, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPNG_Group4_Image (WT_PNG_Group4_Image &image, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPolygon (WT_Polygon &polygon, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPolyline (WT_Polyline &polyline, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPolyMarker (WT_Polymarker &, WT_File &)
static WT_Result _processPolytriangle (WT_Polytriangle &polytriangle, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processText (WT_Text &text, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processVisibility (WT_Visibility &visibility, WT_File &file)

Public Attributes

WT_Logical_Box m_wtModelBoundingBox

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