Public Types

enum  CoordinateMode { logical_coords = 0, application_coords, recentered_coords }

Public Member Functions

WT_Result _importBackground (WT_Background &background)
WT_Result _importColor (WT_Color &rColor)
WT_Result _importColorMap (WT_Color_Map &color_map)
WT_Result _importContourNode (WT_Contour_Set &contour_set)
WT_Result _importEllipse (WT_Outline_Ellipse &e)
WT_Result _importFill (WT_Fill &rFill)
WT_Result _importFont (WT_Font &font)
WT_Result _importHAlignment (WT_Text_HAlign &hAln)
WT_Result _importImage (WT_Image &image)
WT_Result _importInkedArea (WT_Inked_Area &inked_area, WT_File &file)
WT_Result _importLayer (WT_Layer &layer)
WT_Result _importLineWeight (WT_Line_Weight &lw)
WT_Result _importNamedView (WT_Named_View &named_view)
WT_Result _importObjectNode (WT_Object_Node &object_node)
WT_Result _importPlotInfo (WT_Plot_Info &plot_info, WT_File &file)
WT_Result _importPNG_Group4_Image (WT_PNG_Group4_Image &image)
WT_Result _importPolygon (WT_Polygon &polygon)
WT_Result _importPolyline (WT_Polyline &polyline)
WT_Result _importPolytriangle (WT_Polytriangle &polytriangle)
WT_Result _importText (WT_Text &text)
WT_Result _importUnits (WT_Units &units)
WT_Result _importURL (WT_URL &named_url)
WT_Result _importView (WT_View &view)
WT_Result _importViewport (WT_Viewport &viewport)
WT_Result _importVisibility (WT_Visibility &visibility)
void apply_object_attrs (HC_KEY key)
bool compute_extents (DWFInputStream &input_stream)
bool fillMode ()
 HW2DReaderCommon (WT_File *whip_file, DWFInputStream *rW2DStream, HInputHandlerOptions *pInputHandlerOptions, HC_KEY model_key, bool rebaseModel, HInputHandler *m, CoordinateMode coord_mode=recentered_coords)
 HW2DReaderCommon (WT_File *whip_file, DWFToolkit::DWFResource *pResource, HInputHandlerOptions *pInputHandlerOptions, HC_KEY model_key, bool rebaseModel, HInputHandler *m, CoordinateMode coord_mode=recentered_coords)
 HW2DReaderCommon (WT_File *whip_file, DWFToolkit::DWFResource *pResource, DWFToolkit::DWFSection *pSection, HInputHandlerOptions *pInputHandlerOptions, HC_KEY model_key, bool rebaseModel, bool is_dwfx, HInputHandler *m, CoordinateMode coord_mode=recentered_coords)
WT_Result import_line_weight (WT_Line_Weight &lw)
int incrementImageCount ()
void init ()
bool is_this_face_really_a_hole (int point_count, HPoint const *points)
WT_Result process_stream_close ()
WT_Result process_stream_end_seek ()
WT_Result process_stream_open ()
WT_Result process_stream_read (int desired_bytes, int &bytes_read, void *buffer)
WT_Result process_stream_seek (int distance, int &amount_seeked)
WT_Result process_stream_tell (unsigned long *current_file_pointer_position)
WT_Result process_stream_write (int size, void const *buffer)
WT_Result read (double z_separation, double depth_range_separation)
void resort_close ()
void resort_finish ()
void resort_open ()
void resort_segment ()
void resort_start ()
void setFillMode (bool val)

Static Public Member Functions

static WT_Result _processBackground (WT_Background &background, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processColor (WT_Color &rColor, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processColorMap (WT_Color_Map &color_map, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processContourNode (WT_Contour_Set &contour_set, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processEllipse (WT_Outline_Ellipse &e, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processFill (WT_Fill &rFill, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processFont (WT_Font &font, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processHAlignment (WT_Text_HAlign &hAln, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processImage (WT_Image &image, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processInkedArea (WT_Inked_Area &inked_area, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processLayer (WT_Layer &layer, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processLineWeight (WT_Line_Weight &lw, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processNamedView (WT_Named_View &named_view, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processObjectNode (WT_Object_Node &object_node, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPlotInfo (WT_Plot_Info &plot_info, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPNG_Group4_Image (WT_PNG_Group4_Image &image, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPolygon (WT_Polygon &polygon, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPolyline (WT_Polyline &polyline, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPolyMarker (WT_Polymarker &polymarker, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processPolytriangle (WT_Polytriangle &polytriangle, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processText (WT_Text &text, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processUnits (WT_Units &units, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processURL (WT_URL &named_url, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processView (WT_View &view, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processViewport (WT_Viewport &viewport, WT_File &file)
static WT_Result _processVisibility (WT_Visibility &visibility, WT_File &file)

Public Attributes

std::map< int, H_FORMAT_TEXT > lay_num_map
HColor m_backgroundColor
char m_backupFont [100]
bool m_bDisableDWFDrawOrder
bool m_bImportThumbnail
HColor m_Color
CoordinateMode m_CoordMode
H_UTF8 m_current_url
double m_depth_range
char m_font [MVO_BUFFER_SIZE]
char m_fontHeight [100]
char m_fontName [100]
char m_fontOblique [100]
char m_fontScale [100]
char m_fontStyle [100]
char m_hAlignment [4]
int m_layer_stack
bool m_layer_visibility
H_FORMAT_TEXT m_layerName
double m_line_edge_weight
char m_object_id [MVO_BUFFER_SIZE]
int m_pageHeight
int m_pageWidth
HPoint m_plotInfoMax
HPoint m_plotInfoMin
int m_plotInfoUnits
double m_priority
WT_Units * m_pWhipUnits
bool m_resort
HPoint m_text_path
bool m_unmark_detector
double m_use_depth_range
bool m_visible
double m_x_extents
double m_y_extents
double m_z_plane
double m_z_separation

Protected Attributes

bool m_bFill
HC_KEY m_modelkey
HC_KEY m_stylekey
bool segment_open

Static Protected Attributes

static int m_image_count

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