Public Member Functions

Adesk::UInt16 color () const
AcGiFillType fillType () const
AcDbObjectId layerId () const
AcDbObjectId lineTypeId () const
double lineTypeScale () const
AcDb::LineWeight lineWeight () const
 MrDwgSubEntityTraits (MrDwgReader *reader)
void setColor (const Adesk::UInt16 color)
void setFillType (const AcGiFillType)
void setLayer (const AcDbObjectId layerId)
void setLineType (const AcDbObjectId linetypeId)
void setLineTypeScale (double)
void setLineWeight (const AcDb::LineWeight lw)
void setSelectionMarker (const Adesk::LongPtr markerId)
void setThickness (double dThickness)
void setTransparency (const AcCmTransparency &transparency)
void setTrueColor (const AcCmEntityColor &color)
double thickness () const
AcCmEntityColor trueColor () const

Public Attributes

double m_dLTScale

Protected Member Functions

void sort ()
void unsort ()

Protected Attributes

bool m_colorSet
double m_dThickness
AcCmEntityColor m_entityColor
AcGiFillType m_fillType
AcDbObjectId m_layerId
AcDbObjectId m_linetypeId
AcDb::LineWeight m_lineWeight
bool m_lineWeightSet
bool m_sorted
AcCmTransparency m_transparency

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