Public Member Functions

Adesk::Int16 acadWindowId () const
Adesk::Boolean doInversePerspective (AcGePoint3d &) const
Adesk::Boolean doPerspective (AcGePoint3d &) const
void getCameraLocation (AcGePoint3d &location) const
void getCameraTarget (AcGePoint3d &target) const
void getCameraUpVector (AcGeVector3d &upVector) const
void getEyeToModelTransform (AcGeMatrix3d &mx) const
void getEyeToWorldTransform (AcGeMatrix3d &mx) const
Adesk::Boolean getFrontAndBackClipValues (Adesk::Boolean &clip_front, Adesk::Boolean &clip_back, double &front, double &back) const
void getModelToEyeTransform (AcGeMatrix3d &mx) const
void getNumPixelsInUnitSquare (const AcGePoint3d &givenWorldpt, AcGePoint2d &pixelArea, bool includePerspective=true) const
void getViewportDcCorners (AcGePoint2d &lower_left, AcGePoint2d &upper_right) const
void getWorldToEyeTransform (AcGeMatrix3d &mx) const
Adesk::Boolean isPerspective () const
double linetypeGenerationCriteria () const
double linetypeScaleMultiplier () const
AcGeVector3d viewDir () const
Adesk::ULongPtr viewportId () const

Protected Attributes

AcGePoint3d cameraLocation
AcGePoint3d cameraTarget
AcGeVector3d cameraUpVector

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