PMI::Drawing Class Reference

#include <HUtilityPMI.h>

Public Member Functions

 Drawing (Drawing const &that)
unsigned int GetPolygonCount () const
void GetPolygons (unsigned int &out_count, Polygon out_polygons[]) const
Drawing const & operator= (Drawing const &that)
void Set (Drawing const &that)
void SetPolygons (unsigned int in_count, Polygon const in_polygons[])

Detailed Description

This class represents a collection of polygons, which can be associated to an Entity.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetPolygonCount()

unsigned int PMI::Drawing::GetPolygonCount ( ) const
the number of Polygons in this Drawing

◆ GetPolygons()

void PMI::Drawing::GetPolygons ( unsigned int &  out_count,
Polygon  out_polygons[] 
) const

Gets the polygons for this Frame.

out_countthe number of polygons in this Drawing. Returned to the user.
polygonsthe array of polygons for this Drawing. Returned to the user. Necessary space should be allocated prior to calling. If pointer is NULL no values will be put into the array.

◆ SetPolygons()

void PMI::Drawing::SetPolygons ( unsigned int  in_count,
Polygon const  in_polygons[] 

Sets the polygons for this Drawing. These will replace any existing polygons.

in_countthe number of polygons in the array
in_polygonsthe array of polygons for this Drawing

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