PMI::Options Class Reference

#include <HUtilityPMI.h>

Public Member Functions

bool IsDisplayParallelToScreen () const
Options const & operator= (Options const &that)
 Options (Options const &that)
void Set (Options const &that)
void SetDisplayParallelToScreen (bool const in_parallel=true)

Detailed Description

This class represents all the information related to display options associated with an Entity.

Member Function Documentation

◆ IsDisplayParallelToScreen()

bool PMI::Options::IsDisplayParallelToScreen ( ) const

Return the option parallel to screen value.

◆ SetDisplayParallelToScreen()

void PMI::Options::SetDisplayParallelToScreen ( bool const  in_parallel = true)

Set the option parallel to screen. The pmi is display parallel to screen and is not impacted by any rotation

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