PMI::String Class Reference

#include <HUtilityPMI.h>

Public Member Functions

char const * CStr () const
bool Equals (String const &in_that) const
bool operator!= (String const &in_that) const
String const & operator= (String const &in_that)
bool operator== (String const &in_that) const
void Set (String const &in_that)
 String (char const *cstring)
 String (wchar_t const *wstring)
 String (H_WCS const &wcs)
 String (H_UTF8 const &utf8)
 String (String const &that)
size_t WLength () const
wchar_t const * WStr () const

Detailed Description

This class is used to specify any string which may be associated with an Entity or ViewEntity. It takes standard character and wide character strings as well as making use of the H_UTF and H_WCS utility classes to allow specifying stings with the various UTF encodings.

Member Function Documentation

◆ CStr()

char const* PMI::String::CStr ( ) const
the standard C-string representation of the String

◆ WLength()

size_t PMI::String::WLength ( ) const
the number of characters in the String

◆ WStr()

wchar_t const* PMI::String::WStr ( ) const
the wide character representation of the String

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