TK_PINURBS_Curve Class Reference

#include <HSharedKey.h>

Public Member Functions

TK_Status Clone (BStreamFileToolkit &tk, BBaseOpcodeHandler **handler) const
 TK_PINURBS_Curve (HSharedKey *persIdent)

Detailed Description

A custom HTK_NURBS_Curve class which includes the HOOPS/3dgs key and pointer to an HSharedKey persistent indentifier object

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TK_PINURBS_Curve()

TK_PINURBS_Curve::TK_PINURBS_Curve ( HSharedKey persIdent)

Constructs a TK_PINURBS_Curve object.

persIdentA pointer to the shared key that you want to associate with this object.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

TK_Status TK_PINURBS_Curve::Clone ( BStreamFileToolkit &  tk,
BBaseOpcodeHandler **  handler 
) const

This method makes a copy of itself and return a pointer to the newly created object.

tkA reference to the BStreamFileToolkit object.
handlerThe method will return a pointer to a copy of itself.
A #TK_Status indicating whether the operation was successful.

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