Public Member Functions

void populateXREFs ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from HDGNImporter
bool AddGeometryInList (bool)
int calculateTotalEntities (OdRxObjectPtr object)
bool chkOnlySecondLevelXref (const char *FileName)
bool chkXrefFileLevel (const char *FileName)
bool createTreeOfXrefs (const char *FileName, TreeNode *ParentNode=0)
HFileInputResult FileInputByKey (const char *FileName, HC_KEY model_key, HInputHandlerOptions *options)
void fillTheCurrentXrefNodeValues (const char *FileName, TreeNode *ParentNode=0)
OdDgModelPtr getActiveModel (OdDgDatabasePtr pDatabase)
HC_KEY getLevelKey (OdDgGraphicsElementPtr grElm)
void importCellheaderWithHoleAttr ()
bool importDGNFile (const char *FileName, bool isXrefPresent)
void importXData (OdResBufPtr pRb)
bool isAttachedXREF (const char *FileName)
void iterateElm (OdDgElementIteratorPtr iterator, bool visibilityProcessing, bool checkProgress, int CHeaderid=0)
void OdGePoint2d_2_HPoint (const OdGePoint2d *odg_point, HPoint &h_point)
void OdGePoint3d_2_HPoint (const OdGePoint3d *odg_point, HPoint &h_point)
void setDatabase (OdDgDatabasePtr database)
void setInputHandler (HInputHandler *hand)
void setLineStyleAndWt (OdDgGraphicsElementPtr grElm)
- Public Member Functions inherited from hRxObject
virtual void addRef ()
virtual long numRefs () const
virtual void release ()

Public Attributes

VList< char * > m_listOfXRefsOfXRefs

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from HDGNImporter
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from HDGNImporter
static bool m_bCellHeaderHoleFlag
static bool m_bDGNImportAllModels
static bool m_bDGNRebaselineModel
static bool m_bFromCellHeader
static bool m_bFromSmartSolid
static bool m_bIgnoreOffEntities
static bool m_bisFromEntity
static bool m_bNoOffset
static bool m_bWorldDrawEntityFlag
static char m_cCellHeaderName [1024]
static char m_cCurrDir [1024]
static double m_coneFactor
static double m_dMinX
static double m_dMinY
static double m_dMinZ
static VHash< HC_KEY, int > * m_hashGeomCellID
static VHash< int, HC_KEY > m_hashLevelIDKey
static HC_KEY m_hkHoleSegKey
static HC_KEY m_hkSegTobeUsed
static HC_KEY m_hkShellKey
static HC_KEY m_hkSolidSegKey
static int m_iCellHeaderId
static int m_iCellHeaderOption
static HInputHandlerm_inputHandler
static OdSmartPtr< XRefm_obXRef
static int m_totalEntities
static OdDgDatabasePtr pDb

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