Setting the License

You must specify a valid license in your application code in order to use HOOPS Visualize. The license is compiled into your application by calling Define_System_Options and setting the license. The actual license key portion of the string must be contained inside backticks, for example:

Define_System_Options("license = `your_license_string`");

Additionally, if your license string contains special characters, they must be escaped.

The license key is a character sequence obtained from the Visualize product-download page in the TS3D Developer Zone, or provided by Tech Soft 3D. A hoops_license.h file will be provided, which contains the actual license key. If the license string also includes license information for the Exchange and Publish products, that information will be passed to those products when using the HIO Exchange or HIO Publish components.

The provided top-level HOOPS Visualize C++ samples project/makefile will reference hoops_license.h for convenience. To leverage this setup, you should copy your license file to the <install_dir>/Dev_Tools/hoops_3dgs/source/ directory of your 3DF installation. C# and Java applications will still need to set the license string directly via a call to ::Define_System_Options.