Library Access

The HOOPS Visualize headers and libraries are located in the following directories:

PlatformHeader locationLibrary locationLibrary names
Linux<UNIX COMMON PACKAGE>/Dev_Tools/hoops_3dgs/source//Dev_Tools/hoops_3dgs/lib/<platform>libhoops<version>.so
OS X<UNIX COMMON PACKAGE>/Dev_Tools/hoops_3dgs/source//Dev_Tools/hoops_3dgs/lib/<platform>libhoops<version>.dylib

Windows runtime DLLs are located at /bin/<platform>/hoops<version>_<platform>.dll. Linux and OS X runtimes are the same as the exported libraries mentioned in the table above. Regardless of platform, you must include the HOOPS Visualize runtime libraries in the execution environment's PATH, or in the application's current directory.

Additionally under Windows, if you wish to use the DX11 driver, you must ensure that the dx11_<hoops_version>.dll files are included in your application's directory or the runtime PATH. These DLLs are also located in the /bin/<platform> directory.

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