Communicator::Converter Class Reference

#include <libconverter.h>

Public Member Functions

 Converter ()
const char * GetBuildId () const
void GetSCVersion (int &version) const
void GetVersion (int &major, int &minor) const
bool Init (char const *license)
void SetLogfile (char const *logfile, SC::Store::MemoryDevice *memory_device=nullptr)
 ~Converter ()

Detailed Description

The Converter class initializes libconverter with an active license key and serves as the global conversion object

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Converter()

Communicator::Converter::Converter ( )


◆ ~Converter()

Communicator::Converter::~Converter ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetBuildId()

const char* Communicator::Converter::GetBuildId ( ) const

◆ GetSCVersion()

void Communicator::Converter::GetSCVersion ( int &  version) const

◆ GetVersion()

void Communicator::Converter::GetVersion ( int &  major,
int &  minor 
) const

◆ Init()

bool Communicator::Converter::Init ( char const *  license)

Initializes libconverter with an active license key

licenseyour HOOPS Communicator License Key
true if there is a valid communicator license otherwise false. In the event of a failure, the log file will provide additional information as to the nature of the failure.

◆ SetLogfile()

void Communicator::Converter::SetLogfile ( char const *  logfile,
SC::Store::MemoryDevice *  memory_device = nullptr