Communicator::Importer Class Reference

#include <libconverter.h>

Public Member Functions

 Importer ()
bool Init (Converter *converter, std::string output_model_logfile=std::string(), int debug_flags=0)
bool Load (char const *filename, SC_Import_Options import_options)
bool Load (void *modelFile)
 ~Importer ()

Detailed Description

The Importer class handles CAD file import Your application should create an Importer only once during initialization. This importer object should be re-used for each file that is imported.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Importer()

Communicator::Importer::Importer ( )

Creates a new, uninitialized Importer object. Only one Importer object should be created per application. This constructor will throw a Communicator::Excpetion if an importer has already been created

◆ ~Importer()

Communicator::Importer::~Importer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Init()

bool Communicator::Importer::Init ( Converter converter,
std::string  output_model_logfile = std::string(),
int  debug_flags = 0 

Initializes the importer with the active conversion object.

◆ Load() [1/2]

bool Communicator::Importer::Load ( char const *  filename,
SC_Import_Options  import_options 

Loads a CAD file given a fully qualified path

◆ Load() [2/2]

bool Communicator::Importer::Load ( void *  modelFile)

Loads a modelfile given a pointer on it