Optional boundingPreviewMode

boundingPreviewMode: BoundingPreviewMode

Specifies what types of bounding previews should be rendered. DefaultValue is BoundingPreviewMode.All.

Optional buffer

buffer: Uint8Array

Specifies a buffer containing a binary representation of an SCS file to load.

Optional calculateDefaultViewAxes

calculateDefaultViewAxes: boolean

If true, the default view axes will be calculated from the initial camera unless explicitly set during authoring time. Default value is true.

Optional container

container: HTMLElement

A HTML element to use for the Web Viewer.

Optional containerId

containerId: HtmlId

The ID of the div element to use for the Web Viewer.

Optional defaultMeshLevel

defaultMeshLevel: number

Specifies which mesh detail level will be used to initially stream the model. The default value is 0.

Optional defaultMetallicFactor

defaultMetallicFactor: number

Optional defaultRoughnessFactor

defaultRoughnessFactor: number

Optional disableAutomaticBackgroundSheets

disableAutomaticBackgroundSheets: boolean

If true, then automatic generation of background sheets for drawings is not performed when the drawing is loaded.

Optional disableAutomaticFitWorld

disableAutomaticFitWorld: boolean

If true, disable automatic fitworld on camera activation when there is no camera on view

Optional disableAutomaticFloorplanOverlay

disableAutomaticFloorplanOverlay: boolean

If true, then the floorplan overlay capability will not be displayed automatically for BIM enabled models

Optional empty

empty: boolean

Whether the viewer should be started without connecting to a server or loading a model.

Optional enableShatteredModelUiViews

enableShatteredModelUiViews: boolean

If true, then CAD views contained within external models will populate the model tree UI.

Optional endpointUri

endpointUri: string

Specifies the endpoint to be used by the viewer. This can be of type: http, https or ws.

Optional enginePath

enginePath: string

Path containing the graphics engine .js and .wasm files. Follows the same rules as the src attribute of an HTML script tag.

Optional memoryLimit

memoryLimit: number

Controls the amount of mesh data present on the client machine at given time. This value is expressed in Mebibytes. Default value is 0 indicating no limit.

Optional model

model: ScModelName | null

Specifies the instance name to be loaded. This option is required if you specify an enpdointUri of type ws:// or wss://.

Optional rendererType

rendererType: RendererType

Specifies the renderer type to be used. Default value is RendererType.Client.

Optional sessionToken

sessionToken: string

An arbitrary value used for authentication. If used, it must match the token expected by the server for connection to proceed.

Optional streamCutoffScale

streamCutoffScale: number

Specifies a scale factor that will be applied to the streaming size cutoff.

In streaming sessions, an object whose projected size is lower than the cutoff will not be streamed until its projected size reaches the cutoff.

In file sessions, when loading a tree via XML, a file whose projected size is lower than the cutoff will not be requested until its projected size reaches the cutoff.

A value of 0 will disable the cutoff. The value should be in the interval of [0.0, 2.0]. If unspecified, this value will default to 1.0 for streaming sessions and 0.0 (disabled) for file based sessions.

Optional streamingMode

streamingMode: StreamingMode

Sets the streaming mode that the viewer will use. Default value is StreamingMode.Interactive.

Optional usePointerEvents

usePointerEvents: boolean

Specifies whether pointer events should be used when available. Setting this option to false can be useful when using web views in GUI toolkits that rely on Internet Explorer. Default value is true.