• Convenience method that sets up Animation channels, samplers, and keyframe buffers for the supplied camera.

    The created channel and buffer names will have the form: - where type is the corresponding value of CameraProperty


    • animation: Animation

      Animation that will receive the new camera channels. This animation should not contain any camera channels.

    • namePrefix: string

      Prefix to use for channel names.

    • interpolationType: InterpolationType

      The type of interpolation that will be set on each sampler that is created.

    Returns CameraChannel[]


  • Convenience method that will update keyframe buffers for animation channels created with [[createChannelsForCamera]].


    • t: number

      Animation time (in seconds) that will be used for the created keyframes

    • camera: Camera

      Camera containing the current values to keyframe.

    • animation: Animation

      An animation containing camera channels created using [[createChannelsForCamera]]

    Returns void