Technical Overview

What is HOOPS Communicator

HOOPS Communicator is an SDK for development of 3D engineering applications in a web-browser with a focus on:

Its main component is the HOOPS Web Viewer, a powerful and flexible JavaScript library purposely built for engineering data, and based on a graphics kernel designed for high performance visualization. The Web Viewer supports the full richness of engineering data including:

It also enables complex interrogation of CAD data, including precise measurement, and offers an extensive set of 2D and 3D markup functionality. The HOOPS Web Viewer includes a fully featured Design Review Application "out of the box", with a rich set of prebuilt operators and UI components that can be easily extended and customized.

Data Import (server side)

We provide two options to get your data into HOOPS Communicator:

Data Loading (client side)

HOOPS Communicator utilizes its own proprietary file format called Stream Cache (SC). The SC format is optimized for streaming and model aggregation, and handles the full breath of engineering data beyond just triangles and graphics primitives. Your web application can access SC data in two different ways:

HOOPS Communicator Technical Overview