Liveliness Pinging

The Stream Cache Server has the optional capability to send periodic REST-style HTTP calls indicating the current liveliness state to a configurable server. A base URL must be specified in the application settings. After the application has started, it will then issue HTTP POST calls with a URL as follows: <base-url>/<id>?liveliness=<current-liveliness>. The POST calls will contain an empty body.

The values for liveliness include:

The capability can be used as follows:

  1. Specify a unique ID with the --id setting: Example: --id=7766-affg
  2. Specify a base URL to receive the liveliness calls with the --liveliness-endpoint setting. As an example: --liveliness-endpoint=http://localhost:11082/server-status
  3. Specify a report frequency with --liveliness-update-frequency. Example: to send an update every five seconds, use --liveliness-update-frequency=5.0
  4. Launch the Stream Cache Server application with those settings
  5. Once the server has completed its internal initialization and is ready to stream data, it will issue a ready indication by issuing an empty HTTP POST to http://localhost:11082/server-status/7766-affg?liveliness=ready
  6. Every 5.0 seconds after that, until the server is about to exit, it will issue an empty HTTP POST to http://localhost:11082/server-status/7766-affg?liveliness=ping
  7. Finally, when the server is ready to exit, it will issue an empty HTTP POST to http://localhost:11082/server-status/7766-affg?liveliness=disconnect

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