2021 SP1

HOOPS Communicator 2021 SP1 is based on HOOPS Visualize HPS 2021 SP1, HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP1, and HOOPS Publish 2021 SP1.

Update supported formats

The following format versions are now supported:

  • Sketchup 2021

  • NX - Unigraphics 1953 PRT

  • Parasolid v33

  • JT 10.5

See a full list on our Supported Formats page.


Animation Manager

Simple keyframe animation is now available through the Animation API providing control of visibility, location, orientation and visual attributes in a scene over time. Animations are composed of separate channels for each parameter type to be interpolated between keyframe states in the scene. An additional Player object provides the controls for playing the animation. See the Programming Guide and samples for a basic introduction into constructing and playing an animation.

Physically based rendering

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is now supported, enabling application developers to provide enhanced rendering realism by calculating the natural interaction of light and materials. PBR materials are created automatically for GLTF files converted using the underlying HOOPS Exchange API. Currently supported parameters include color, alpha mode, metallness, roughness, emissive factor and image based lighting.

Point attributes

Add attributes to point entities using the new API function SC::Store::AssemblyTree::AddPointAttribute. The same attribute types supported on faces and edges are now supported on points.

Improved error reporting in Converter

Improvements to error reporting in file conversion. Error conditions are reported for incorrect syntax, invalid license, import failure, export failure for each possible output format. Errors are reported separately for each individual output file failure. See a full list in the Converter Command Line Options page of our API Reference.

Functional changes

PMI is no longer forced to black in 2D drawing sheets. This was the intended behavior previously, but a logic error in the code was preventing this from happening.

Conversion of files can optionally continue converting additional requested file types if an error is encountered in any conversion.

Fixed bugs

Issue number



Error received when converting a file with Korean characters in the name.


Decals were not appearing as expected on a model face when being served from an HTML file.


Converting PRC results in ‘empty’ scene in Web Viewer.


Color of point cloud (pts) doesn’t appear in HC.


Layout sheet of DWG is displayed in too small size in the Web Viewer.


Point to point measurement is incorrect for this DWG model converted as a 2D drawing.


Measurement Touch Operator fails after moving the camera.


The function pickAllFromRay() results are sometimes incorrect.


Loading shattered SCS files results in inconsistent view orientations compared to non-shattered conversion of SLDASM.