2021 SP1 U1

HOOPS Communicator 2021 SP1 U1 is based on HOOPS Visualize HPS 2021 SP1 U1, HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP1 U1, and HOOPS Publish 2021 SP1 U1.

Update supported formats

The following format versions are now supported:

  • CATIA V5 V5-6R2021

  • Rhino3D 7

See a full list on our Supported Formats page.


The regressions on macOS identified in the final QA process of HC 2021 SP1 have been resolved, and this platform is now available for download.

Fixed bugs

Issue number



Model is duplicated when creating same filename twice.


Cutting Plane offset introduced by mouse drag outside of view.


Wrong unit displayed in Communicator for Sketchup files.


Conversion of PRC does not finish properly.