2021 SP2 U2

HOOPS Communicator 2021 SP2 U2 is based on HOOPS Visualize HPS 2021 SP2 (unchanged), HOOPS Exchange 2021 SP2 U2, and HOOPS Publish 2021 SP2 U2.

Update supported formats

The following format versions are now supported:

  • ACIS 2021

See a full list on our Supported Formats page.


Colors and emissive factors defined in a linear color space for PBR materials are now correctly interpreted.

New operator Operator.CameraWindowZoomOperator provides zoom to rectangular window area capability.

Functional changes

Can now remove individual animation players by index or reference using removePlayerByIndex() or removePlayer().

Animations can now be accessed directly through a player using Animation.Player.

The following methods have been removed:

  • Animation.KeyframeBuffer.appendScalarKeyframe()

  • Animation.KeyframeBuffer.appendQuatKeyframe()

  • Animation.KeyframeBuffer.appendVec3Keyframe()

The following methods no longer require an index. You can now specify by time and the ordering will be managed internally.

Fixed bugs list

Issue number



When importing a DWG file in 3D, points are displayed in too large of a size.


Prevent internal error message from reaching the developer console: Error: Cannot pick from outside the canvas area.


getNodesEffectiveLineColor throws an uncaught promise rejection in SCS.


Context menu transparency toggle behaves incorrectly if spacity has been changed by other means.


Transformation matrix affects selection results.


Layers tab of a converted DWG does not show all layers.