XML Trace File Generation

Detailed Description

group a3d_debug_functions

Generates an XML trace file (for debugging).

Function Documentation

A3DVoid A3DDllActivateXMLTrace(A3DBool activate)

This function activates an XML trace file that lists the PRC entities contained in a modelfile built during a Load session or written during an export to PRC session.

A load session is done with following functions : A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromFile, A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromMultiplePrcFile, A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromPrcFile, and A3DAsmModelFileLoadFromPrcStream. An export session is done with following functions : A3DAsmModelFileExportToPrcFile. To activate an XML trace, call this function BEFORE calling any of these functions.


Because this function does not return A3DStatus the internal thread safety policy is to wait for the availability of the API.




XML trace file is created in the same folder as the filename provided to the studied function.


This function may slow down your process. Use XML trace only for debugging.


The XML file produced by this feature can be very large.