Detailed Description

group a3d_feature_link_module

Feature connection indicates a reference and a product occurrence target in case of the reference is defined in another part definition.

In addition, a type specifies what is the link is used for. Four categories of links are presents, see EA3DFRMLinkType. chamfer connections ../_images/frm_connections.png../_images/frm_chamfer_link.png

Type Documentation

enum EA3DFRMLinkType

Feature link type enum.


10.2 details


No type specified.

Link to the item defined by the feature.

Generally, this element is highlighted when we select the feature.

The linked element is used to define a location, an offset.

For example, to position a hole on a face, a point can be referenced.

The link refers to an entity used for defining feature information.

For example, the depth of an extrusion can be defined with a reference, “depth to this face”, in this case the depth feature has a construction connection to the face.

The link refers to an entity which is the support of the feature.

For example, for a chamfer applied on an edge, this edge is referenced as a support. A pattern feature will have a support link to the master feature(s). This is the same thing for the feature master of a pattern. This element can be a TopoItem, or a feature.

Function Documentation

A3DStatus A3DFRMLinkedItemGet(const A3DFRMLinkedItem *p, A3DFRMLinkedItemData *pData)

brief Populates the A3DFRMLinkedItemData structure