Detailed Description

group a3d_feature_parameter_module

Parameters allow to group features according to the type of information whom they contain.

All features storing data under parameter kA3DParameterType_Data, all feature giving a specification under parameter kA3DParameterType_Specification, all tree nodes under the parameter kA3DParameterType_Container…

Type Documentation

enum EA3DFRMParameterType




enumerator kA3DParameterType_None

not specified

enumerator kA3DParameterType_Information

contains generic informations (form, name, attributes, …).

enumerator kA3DParameterType_Type
enumerator kA3DParameterType_Specification
enumerator kA3DParameterType_FeatureDefinition

contains feature corresponding definition specific to the feature type (extrude/hole/…/pattern specific information)

enumerator kA3DParameterType_Definition

group features that correspond to a definition

enumerator kA3DParameterType_Container

contains all feature nodes that appear in the tree.

enumerator kA3DParameterType_ContainerInternal

contains all feature nodes that not appear in the tree.

enumerator kA3DParameterType_Data

contains feature with data (integer, double, …)

Function Documentation

A3DStatus A3DFRMParameterGet(const A3DFRMParameter *pParameter, A3DFRMParameterData *pData)

Populates the A3DFRMParameterData structure.