Markup Type Declarations

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group a3d_markup_types



Type Alias Documentation

typedef void A3DMkpView

Grouping of markup by views.

Refer to Markup Module for more details.

See also


See also


typedef void A3DMkpMarkup

Definition of a markup.

May contain tessellation.

See also


See also

Markup Module

typedef void A3DMkpLeader

Definition of a markup leader.

May contain tessellation.

See also


See also

Markup Leader

typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationEntity

Abstract type for an Annotation entity (three types below).

Refer to Markup Module for more details.

typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationItem

Usage of a markup.

An annotation item references a single markup. A single markup can be referenced by multiple annotations.

See also

Annotation Item

typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationSet

Group of annotations.

An annotation set is a group of annotation items or other annotation sets. For instance, an A3DMkpView entity contains a set of markups associated with a plane. In another example, a tolerance can be a set containing a datum, a feature control frame, and a dimension.

See also

Annotation Set

typedef void A3DMkpAnnotationReference

Logical grouping of annotations for reference.

An annotation reference is a set of references on other markups. It is mainly used as a combination of datum with modifiers.