Miscellaneous Type Declarations

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group a3d_misc_data_types



Type Alias Documentation

typedef void A3DMiscTransformation

Transformation base entity.

This entity appears in structure members as a pointer that references either an A3DMiscCartesianTransformation or an A3DMiscGeneralTransformation entity.

typedef void A3DMiscCartesianTransformation

Cartesian transformation where individual types of transformations (scaling, rotation, translation) are selected.

typedef void A3DMiscGeneralTransformation

Cartesian transformation that uses a 4x4 matrix.

typedef void A3DMiscAttribute

Attributes of an A3DRootBase entity.

typedef void A3DMiscAttributeUnit

Attribute unit that is made of several.

See also

A3DMiscBasicUnit. ie : km/h

typedef void A3DMiscEntityReference

Entity reference.

See also

Entity Reference

typedef void A3DMiscMarkupLinkedItem

Link between a markup and an entity.

This type allows a logical link between a markup and a pointed entity, which can be geometry or another markup. Conversely to an EntityReference, the pointed entity can be a “remote” entity in another product occurrence, in case where an assembly markup points to a subpart. It can be associated with a leader of the markup.

typedef void A3DMiscReferenceOnTopology

Entity reference on a topological item.

typedef void A3DMiscReferenceOnTess

Entity reference on a PolyBrepModel.

typedef void A3DMiscReferenceOnCsysItem

Entity reference on a coordinate system sub-component.

typedef void A3DGlobal

Global container.

Refer to Global Data Module for more details.

See also


typedef void A3DFaceUVPointInsideManager

Manager to classify UV Point in face.

typedef void A3DProjectPointCloudManager

Manager to classify 3D points on representation item.

typedef void A3DRWParamsPrcReadHelper

Reserved for future use.

typedef void A3DRWParamsPrcWriteHelper

Reserved for future use.

typedef void A3DMiscCascadedAttributes

Inheritable settings for the associated PRC entity such as layer, style, and coordinate system.

typedef void A3DMiscPKMapper

Topology entities mapper.

typedef void A3DHLRRepresentationItem

Definition of a HLR representation item result.

Refer to Compute HLR for more details.