Texture Alpha Mode Parameter

Detailed Description

group a3d_texturealphamode

Type Documentation

enum A3DETextureAlphaMode

Defines how to interpret the alpha value of a texture. The alpha mode and cut-off values are specified as A3DGraphMaterialData additional attributes. The alpha cut-off applies only to the A3DETextureAlphaModeMask mode.




enumerator A3DETextureAlphaModeNone

Default value.

enumerator A3DETextureAlphaModeOpaque

The alpha value is ignored and the rendered output is fully opaque.

enumerator A3DETextureAlphaModeMask

The rendered output is either fully opaque or fully transparent depending on the alpha value and the specified alpha cutoff value.

enumerator A3DETextureAlphaModeBlend

The alpha value is used to composite the source and destination areas.