Detailed Description

struct A3DBIMRootData

Abtraction structure for all BIM entity types.

This structure acts as a general purpose data container for all BIM entities. It also acts as a bridge between the BIM API and the model file. The m_pEntityReference field links to a 3D entity in the model tree.



Public Members

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcGUID

A globally unique identifier within the software.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcName

The name of the entity.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcDescription

Descriptive text used for exchanging informative content.

A3DUTF8Char *m_pcIfcClassName

The name of the IFC class corresponding to the BIM object.

A3DMiscEntityReference *m_pEntityReference

Reference to an entity within the model file.